P.E.R.T. Reading Practice Test

The PERT test is divided into three sections: math, reading and writing. The Reading practice test has 25 questions. Below is a list of skills covered on the PERT Reading test:

Notice List

  • Discerning and summarizing the most important ideas, events, or information
  • Supporting or challenging assertions about the text
  • Determining the meaning of words and phrases in context
  • Analyzing the meaning, word choices, tone, and organizational structure of the text
  • Determining the author’s purpose, and the relation of events in the text to one another
  • Analyzing the traits, motivations, and thoughts of individuals in fiction and nonfiction
  • Analyzing how two or more texts with different styles, points of view, or arguments address similar topics
  • Distinguishing between facts and opinions
  • Evaluating reasoning and rhetoric of an argument or explanation

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